Comparing Gov. DeSantis to Past Republican Presidents: A Look at How His Policies and Style Align with Reagan and Bush

As the Republican party looks to the future, many are looking to the past for inspiration. Two former Republican presidents, Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, have become touchstones for modern conservative politics. But how does Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida measure up to these political icons? In this post, we’ll take a look at how DeSantis’ policies and style align with those of Reagan and Bush, and what that might mean for his potential as a future presidential contender.

Reagan’s Legacy

Ronald Reagan is often viewed as the patron saint of modern conservatism. He championed small government, tax cuts, and deregulation, and his policies helped usher in an era of economic growth and prosperity. Gov. DeSantis has shown a similar commitment to these principles. He has worked to cut taxes for businesses and homeowners, and has rolled back regulations that he believes stifle economic growth. He has also been an advocate for school choice, which is a policy that Reagan supported and helped to promote.

Reagan was also known for his strong foreign policy stance, particularly in his dealings with the Soviet Union. He was a fierce anti-communist and worked to build up America’s military and diplomatic power. Gov. DeSantis has taken a similar approach, particularly in his support for Israel and his vocal opposition to China. He has also worked to strengthen Florida’s relationship with Latin America, an important region for American diplomacy and trade.

Bush’s Legacy

George W. Bush’s presidency was defined by the events of 9/11, and his response to the terrorist attacks helped shape America’s foreign policy for years to come. He launched wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and implemented controversial policies like the Patriot Act and Guantanamo Bay detention center. While Gov. DeSantis has not faced a similar crisis during his tenure as governor, he has shown a commitment to tough law-and-order policies. He has signed legislation that cracks down on protests and that increases penalties for crimes committed during riots. He has also been a vocal supporter of police and has pushed back against calls to defund law enforcement.

Bush was also known for his emphasis on education reform. He pushed for policies like No Child Left Behind, which aimed to improve student performance and close the achievement gap. Gov. DeSantis has similarly made education a priority in Florida. He has signed legislation that expands school choice options and that ties teacher pay to student performance. He has also worked to address the issue of civics education, requiring high school students to take a course on American government and history.


Gov. DeSantis’ policies and style align with those of past Republican presidents, particularly Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush. He has shown a commitment to small government, tax cuts, and deregulation, as well as a strong foreign policy stance. He has also prioritized issues like education and law-and-order. These similarities may appeal to Republican voters who are looking for a candidate who embodies conservative values and who can deliver results. However, it remains to be seen how Gov. DeSantis will navigate the challenges and complexities of a modern presidential campaign. Only time will tell if he can live up to the legacies of Reagan and Bush, and become a successful president in his own right.

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