WHAT ARE THEY SAYING ABOUT Governor Ron DeSantis Unveiling of Framework for Freedom Budget

Governor Ron DeSantis recently unveiled his Framework for Freedom Budget proposal for the 2023-2024 fiscal year. The budget is set at $114.8 billion, with an additional $15 billion in reserves. This budget focuses on maintaining and expanding Florida’s strong economy, protecting the rights of students, parents, and teachers, preserving the environment, and having adequate reserves for natural disaster response.

Read what Floridians are saying about Governor DeSantis’ Framework for Freedom Budget:

Captains For Clean Water Captain Daniel Andrews said, “On the seven-year anniversary of our organization, we’re thrilled to celebrate another record $3.5 billion for the Everglades and Florida’s water resources called for by Governor DeSantis over the next four years. It wasn’t long ago that progress to restore the Everglades was nonexistent. Over the past several years, we’ve seen continued record funding, favorable water policy, and a transformed Everglades movement that is surging forward, energized by new voices and the agency of the people. We commend Governor DeSantis for continuing to keep the protection of Florida’s water resources a top priority. There is much work to be done, but the future is bright.”

Superintendent of Polk County Public Schools Fred Heid said, “The Governor’s Framework for Freedom Budget continues to show his commitment to Florida’s public school students and teachers. This historic and highest per-student investment of $8,453 is an increase of $205 per student over last year. We will continue to advocate for the students and teachers in Polk County Public Schools as this budget is discussed in the Legislature.”

President and CEO of Sanibel Captiva Chamber of Commerce John Lai said, “As we rebuild our tourism-driven economy in Southwest Florida, the investment in VISIT Florida is critical. Governor DeSantis’ recommendation of $100 million in his Framework for Freedom Budget shows his clear commitment to the job creation and economic impact that is brought to our great state through visitation.”

Chairman of the Alzheimer’s Disease Advisory Committee and VP of Strategic Innovation at Insightec Dr. Jonathan Weiss said, “I applaud Governor DeSantis for his unwavering commitment to support Floridians affected by Alzheimer’s disease. His proposed budget strongly emphasizes funding research and investing in innovative technologies while continuing to support caregivers and families fighting this horrendous disease. This level of dedication is unmatched across the nation, showcasing that Governor DeSantis is a true leader pioneering a path to finding a cure for Alzheimer’s.”

Attorney General Ashley Moody said, “Thank you Governor DeSantis for your bold leadership! I am excited about your Framework for Freedom budget proposal to back the blue and allocate funds recovered through our historic opioid litigation to help Florida fight the deadly fentanyl crisis.”

CEO of Safety Net Hospital Alliance of Florida Justin Senior said, “The Governor’s proposal to add nearly $80 million in funding for complex pediatric services will be a game-changer for thousands of families. While pediatric units have been closing in other parts of the country in the past year, our Governor’s budget proposal will ensure Florida families have ready access to the best pediatric care in the country. With this increased support for our children’s hospitals, many families will be spared from having to travel out-of-state for the care they need.”

Chair of the Florida State University System Board of Governors Brian Lamb said, “Governor DeSantis’ Framework for Freedom Budget includes critical investments to propel Florida’s universities to even greater heights. The inclusion of record funding for high-quality faculty recruitment and retention, coupled with continued investments in performance-based funding and the ongoing support of maintenance for university facilities, exhibits a clear commitment to the academic excellence of Florida’s higher education institutions which will enhance student success.”

CEO of Chrysalis Health Manny Menendez said, “We applaud the Governor’s continued commitment to children’s behavioral health services. His Framework for Freedom Budget will help increase access to those children most in need. We look forward to working with the Legislature to ensure children receive the support and services they need.”

American Flood Coalition Florida Director Kate Wesner said, “With over $400 million dedicated to the Resilient Florida Grant Program, the Governor’s proposed budget will help Florida’s communities proactively plan for rising seas and invest in flood protection. We commend Governor DeSantis for his commitment to funding resilience and for his steadfast leadership on this critical issue to ensure Floridians all across the state are better prepared for the future.”

Suwannee County School District Superintendent Ted L. Roush said, “Governor DeSantis continues to deliver on his commitment to Florida teachers by once again ramping up funding that allows Florida to elevate the teaching profession through appropriate compensation. In nearly 30 years in the educational system, as a teacher, school-based administrator, and superintendent of schools, I have never witnessed a more deliberate and targeted effort to help teachers statewide receive what they deserve as hardworking professionals.”

Hernando County Sheriff and Florida Sheriffs Association President Al Nienhuis said, “Governor DeSantis is setting a standard for what it means to lead a law and order state by providing law enforcement agencies with the resources and tools needed to serve each community effectively. We are grateful that the Framework for Freedom Budget continues to put an important focus on recruiting and retaining the best and brightest.”

CEO of The Everglades Trust Anna Upton said, “With this recommendation, and the historic executive order to secure even more funding to advance and expedite resoration projects over the next four years, Governor DeSantis continues to demonstrate his unwavering commitment to America’s Everglades.”

Baptist Health President and CEO Michael A. Mayo said, “We applaud the Governor and First Lady’s continued commitment to creating unprecedented access to behavioral health services, along with record funding for Specialty Children’s Hospitals. Baptist Health and Wolfson Children’s Hospital fully support the Framework for Freedom Budget, which is only made possible due to the prosperous economic climate created under our Governor’s leadership.”

CEO of Conservation Florida Traci Deen said, “Conservation Florida applauds the Governor’s commitment to land conservation and the Department of Environmental Protection’s critical land protection work. We look froward to continued partnership with the Department’s Division of State Lands to achieve great strides together in conserving our water, wildlife, and wild places, and creating a bright future for generations to come.”

CFO Jimmy Patronis said, “Washington could learn a thing or two from Governor DeSantis on how to craft a budget. The Framework for Freedom budget serves as a complete contrast to the kind of failures that are happening in states like New York and California. Additionally, a permanent tax cut on gas stoves tugs at my heartstrings, both as someone who spent his entire life in the restaurant business, but also as someone who is sick-and-tired of unelected bureaucrats acting as if they have any right to tell law-abiding, hardworking, God fearing Americans what to do in their own kitchens. With people like these, we never would have made it out of the caves; they would have stomped on the fires.”

President and CEO of Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association Carol Dover said, “Florida is known around the world for our hospitality and tourism industries, which have faced devastating challenges following Hurricanes Ian and Nicole. Through his funding for businesses, housing initiatives, and VISIT Florida, Governor DeSantis has made clear his priority to see us through that recovery and beyond to new heights of prosperity, keeping Florida a top destination for visitors and residents and our economy the best in the nation.”

Director of the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Miami Health System Stephen Nimer said, “Governor DeSantis and First Lady Casey DeSantis continue to demonstrate their commitment to finding the cure for cancer. Their Framework for Freedom Budget builds upon past funding increases from this administration and ensures Florida, led by its world-class cancer centers, will continue to lead the way in conducting innovative and impactful research and providing optimal care to its cancer patients.”

Florida Director of Environmental Defense Fund Dawn Shirreffs said“As Florida continues to recover from 2022’s devastating hurricanes, it is more important than ever that our leaders prioritize resilience and climate solutions. Thank you, Governor DeSantis, for your funding recommendation of $406 million for resilience and to keeping Florida, Florida. We look forward to working with you, the legislature, and the Office of Resilience to strengthen the Sunshine State.”

CEO of Mayo Clinic in Florida Kent Thielen, M.D. said, “We greatly appreciate the Governor’s continued support of the transformative cancer research occurring at Mayo Clinic Comprehensive Cancer Center, and we look forward to participating in the new Cancer Innovation Fund as we continue discovering new cures and developing new ways to deliver care to Florida’s patients.”

Regional Leader of the Florida Alzheimer’s Association Angela McAuley said, “We are incredibly grateful for Governor DeSantis’ continued support and commitment to Floridians living with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias and their families. Throughout the years, he has consistently and compassionately championed our efforts through funding, resources, and services. We especially want to say thanks to our Governor for including funding support for the Alzheimer’s Association’s Brain Bus and look forward to working on that exciting initiative through our continued partnership with the Department of Elder Affairs and Area Agencies on Aging.”

VP and Executive Director of Audubon Florida Julie Wraithmell said, “Audubon is excited that at such a time of unprecedented revenues and reserves, the Governor is calling for investments in Florida’s natural infrastructure, especially water quality and boosting the state’s resilience. Florida’s environment is the foundation of our prosperity, and these environmental investments will pay dividends now and into the future.”

President and CEO of Florida Retail Federation Scott Shalley said, “Thank you, Governor DeSantis, for slashing taxes in this year’s Framework for Freedom Budget. Cutting taxes on important and essential items for consumers helps Floridians through the challenges of inflation, and Florida retailers stand ready to deliver.”

Jonathan Daniels, Chair of the Florida Ports Council and CEO of Port Everglades said, “Florida’s reliable and resilient seaports are a key reason more and more cargo ships from across the globe are calling on Florida. Thanks to Governor DeSantis’ support of Florida ports, this record-breaking cargo is bolstering local economies and enhancing Florida’s overall economic development efforts. Ensuring that Florida ports remain competitive is key to encouraging more ships to change lanes and navigate to Florida. Special thanks to the Florida Department of Transportation for their strong leadership in ensuring the success of Florida’s ports. We applaud Governor DeSantis for his continued leadership and investments in Florida’s 16 seaports.”

Florida Behavioral Health Association President and CEO Melanie Brown-Woofter said, “The Governor’s strong leadership and vision are clearly demonstrated by including an investment that will yield an immediate, long-lasting and positive impact for Floridians. We are thankful for the Governor and First Lady’s ongoing recognition of the importance of mental health and substance use services for Florida’s families.”

WHAT THEY ARE SAYING Governor Ron DeSantis Announces Framework for Freedom Budget

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